Patient Care Devices

Wound Suction Unit

Features: The tube is made by non toxic, non irritant medical friendly virgin quality polyvinyl chloride with lubricants. Big clamp is very effective to control the negative pressure. Colour coded adopter is helpful for the indication of a size extra smooth and flexible suction catheter helps smooth introduction in a wound perfect curved degree of a trocar allows smooth insertion of a trocar in the wound bellow unit is specially designed for better elasticity and to maintain negative pressure.

Specifications: To extract pus from the wound of a human body.

Application: FG 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

Chest Drainage catheter:

Features: The tube is kink resistance smooth finish PVC. The adopter is designed for comfortable and easy fitting as per the demand and suit clinician needs. Radio opaque line green embedded strip, enable accurate catheter positioning to be assessed the multiple round and atraumatic cross side eyelets, offer large entry areas for drainage.

Specifications: Length: 45cm
Size: FG 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40. Catheters are marked at 2 cms from the last eye to ascertain depth of placement.

Application: Used for drainage in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Water Sealed Drainage Bag:

Features: Extra soft, transparent, non – kinking tube made from non – toxic PVC and collection bag made from clinical grade PVC cloth.

Specifications: Tube length: 100cm
Tube Diameter: O.D. 8mm x I.D. 6mm
Collection bag capacity: 1000ml
ET.O. Sterilized and individually packed, biological tested and ready for single use.

Application: Useful for collection of pus and secretion from a human body with the help of Thoracic Catheter.

AVACCU Suction Set:

Features: Transparent suction gun is made from medical grade polymers. 2.5m long translucent tube attached with suction gun for efficient and aromatic suction. A part is provided at the distal end of ha ndle for easy finger tip control during suction management.

Specifications: Tube length: 2.5m
Tube Diameter: O.D.9.3mm x I.D.6.3mm.

Application: In surgery for suction.

Suction Catheters:

Features :  Manufactured from medical grade virgin quality non- toxic, non irritant PVC. The tubes are with extra opaque line highly flexible yet have a suitable degree of softness and the surface is finely embossed to enable smooth insertion. The distal end opening and side eyes are smoothly contoured and free of sharp edges.

Specification : Having both with and without adaptor.
Size: FG6,8,10,12,14,16,18 with 53cm length.

Colors : coded luer for easy size identification.

Application : Shapes and materials appropriate for the purpose of endotracheal incubation for adult, neonatal and paediatric.

Nasal Oxygen Catheter:

Features : Manufactured from sift light weight non –toxic, non irritant specially treated medical grade PVC.The catheter is designed for easy administration of oxygen via nasopharyngeal route. The distal end is open with multiple lateral eyes which hwlps even dispersion of oxygen via nasopharyngealroute. The distal end is open with multiple lateral eyes which helps even dispersion of oxygen and prevent oxygen burns. Proximal ebd is fitted universal funnel shaped connector for easy connections to the oxygen source.

Specification : Length : 40 cm

Size : FG 8,10,12,14
Colors coded funnel shaped connector.

Application :For administration of oxygen for nasopharyngeal route.

Suction Catheter Whith Thumb Control

Features : Manufactured from soft kink restance with extra opaque line.The tube is prepared from approved medical grade polyvinyl chloride. Suitable for re Manufactured from mouth oropharynx trachea and bronchinal tubes.
The distal end is coned with two large lateral eyes to facilitated the curette and suitable for use with MTP syrings or suction apparatus.

Specification : Having control valve with thumb control for proper maneuvering.
Length: 53 cm
Size : FG 6,8, 10,12, 14, 16, 18
Colors coded thumb controls for easy size identification. E.T.O. Sterilized and individually packed, biological tested and ready for single use.

Application : Shapes and material are appropriated for adult, neonatal and paediatric.

Tracheostomy Tube:

Features :  It’s EVA made to obtain extra soft surface finish. Integral hard bite avoids airway occlusion. Step less air way path for easy cleaning. 

Specification : 
Size : FG 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Application : Specially designed for free or – pharyngeal airway during operation.

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